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Salt Display Kit
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Salt Display Kit

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Promote awareness of the amount of sodium in different popular foods with our Salt Display Kit! This complete kit will get you on your way to a successful and impactful lesson. Set the two How Much Salt Is In That? posters on a table with a salt shaker next to each photo to show your audience the amount of salt in each food, then display the Low Sodium Choices poster on the table-top easel for a complete lesson. Quick and easy set up means more time for teaching. Both of the How Much Salt in That? posters have measuring directions so you or your helpers can measure the salt into the shaker. Since the shakers are only .5 ounces 1 teaspoon will look significant - it is a lot more shakes than what they would put in their own food! 75% of the sodium consumed comes from processed foods and meals eaten away from home, not the salt shaker. So there is another lesson learned by using a salt shaker for a visual! Great discussions are generated and everyone stays interested and engaged. Kit includes: • How Much Salt Is In That? Freezer & Restaurant Meals 12x18" Poster, Laminated • How Much Salt Is In That? Grains & Bottles, Boxes, Cans, Deli, Jars 12x18" Poster, Laminated • Low Sodium Choices 12x18" Poster, Laminated • Poster Easel kit for table top display • 24 mini 0.5 ounce salt shakers that hold up to 3 teaspoons of salt
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